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    Action research project with Gil Penha-Lopes and Marco de Abreu that seeks to investigate how the practices of Possibility Management and Regenerative Development can support the creation, development and evolution of a regenerative culture. Our research questions is 'Can PM+RD accelerate the transition for a Responsable and Regenerative Culture in Portugal ?'

    Possibility Management (PM)




    • Here you can find a conversation about PM with Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloé and interviewed by Dean Walker.
    • Here another example of how Possibility Management present the 8 prisons to be on a Transformative journey.


    • Building Love That Lasts: Secrets for Creating an Extraordinary Life and Profound Intimacy with Your Partner, Clinton Callahan
    • Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings: Living Your Own Truth, Clinton Callahan

    Regenerative Development (RD)




    • Here you can find a short intro of RD.
    • Here another example of the RD's 7 principles applied to designing neighbourhoods.
    • Books
    • Regenerative Development and Design, Pamela Mang, Bill Reed


    Our action


    Innovations for the Future Resourcing Sessions


    Innovations for the Future Gameworld Builder Interviews


    Regenerative Leadership Conversations

    Innovations for the Future Resourcing Sessions

    sessões abertas a todos // sessions open to all gameworld builders
    todas as 4as feiras // all wednesdays // 9h15 to 10h45
    link: https://zoom.us/j/99444708828
    Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk5QTPkWLiIzKhJ5kZz3a1LkRR1Ai-SC3

    Podes navegar nas gravações no ficheiro de suporte com os mapa, distinções e frameworks; you can navigate the recording in the support file with tha maps, distinctions and frameworks - link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1G5xTJhm2i_0-_aTFAqbI8qJE3N6N6q6NB8ScvuJhTDg/edit

    For English subtitles you can use YouTube CC button. // Para legendas em Português podes usar o botão CC do YouTube.

    I4F Resourcing Sessions (Telegram group): https://t.me/+64O6U2epNZI2MjVk

    Innovations for the Future Gameworld Builder Interviews

    uma entrevista por semana // one interview per week
    Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk5QTPkWLiIxCz0Ejdq843-0eMz0lTNaq

    For English subtitles you can use YouTube CC button.

    I4F Crowd Events (Telegram group): https://t.me/i4fcongregationevents

    Regenerative Leadership Conversations

    (Parceria PM+RD Consultancy e Bambual Portugal)

    Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk5QTPkWLiIyZ0TVLPaWppyZlBeN4eu-9

    Informação partilhada em // Information shared in Group Telegram 'I4F - Crowd Events': https://t.me/i4fcongregationevents

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  • Activation Program

    Activate people in places for a responsible and regenerative culture

    Sessão de lançamento // Launch session


    Activate and train active agents (dynamic people and/or integrated in key entities) to explore the vocation and potential of a place over 3 months with intensive and extensive activities, both face-to-face and online…

    … promoting experiential learning, in teams and in the place, updating individual 'thoughtware' and creating a cultural context of responsibility in a safe space of care and transformation...

    … so that ‘the place’ can see itself and nurture the local guild that designs a strategy for 2050 and supports the implementation of concrete projects that anchor and promote a responsible and regenerative culture.

    Why ?

    • The modern culture is consuming 1,7 planets and destroying places and relations
    • Places have several challenges like lack of water, soil, desertification, depopulation, poverty and aging
    • There are a emergence of projects, all over Portugal, mostly created by a couple, that are aiming a shift in culture
    • These people have a sensation of being alone/ isolation 
    • People and projects aren't collaborating and sharing resources
    • Lack of a systemic perspective and a share view for the place

    What ?

    Program for 12+ local people in 3 months

    • representing the 'whole'
    • free choice
    • 3 days each month and 1 day each week
    • Month 1 - Human Development in 'Possibility Management'
      • Expand the Box*: 3 days (residential and face-to-face)
        • Rage Club*: 4 online sessions of 2 hours (1 per week)
        • Month 2 - Regenerative Development in 'Regenerative Development'
    • Month 2 - Regenerative Development in 'Regenerative Development'
      • Expand the Place: 3 days (residential and face-to-face)
      • Story of Place: 4 2-hour online sessions (1 per week)
    • Month 3 - Viva 2050
      • Expand the Guids: 3 days (residential and face-to-face)
      • Resourcing teams: 4 online sessions of 2 hours (1 per week)
    • Month 4 and beyond
      • To be defined by each local team

    The comercial value for this program is around 5000 Eur / participant. 

    We set a value of 25.000 Eur for 12 participants (less than 2100 / person).

    Our design is to envolve 3 layers in funding the program:

    • Participants: 450 / person for the complete program (5400 Eur)
    • Local community: help finding participants, funding, flexibility for participants and participation
    • Non-local community (e.g. Portugal, Europe): funding 
    • The local and non-local community will contribute with 19.600 Eur

    Results on short-term

    • Human Capital: 36+ people trained in responsible and regenerative cultures
    • Social Capital: Building a local team 2050, activating local guilds, creating knowledge and nurturing the local economy (with events)
    • Ecological capital: Promotion of contact with nature, organization of regenerative events with food and conscious waste management
    • Built capital: activation program, creation of the story of the place for each region, experimentation plan for each person and team; 2050 strategy outline
    • Financial capital: Mixed financing model: participants (20%) and investors (80%); Creation of the future financing plan as part of the 2050 strategy

    Results on long-run

    • Human Capital: Initiated Adults into a regenerative culture, co-creators of their territories and the life that sustains them
    • Social Capital: Circular/regenerative local economy with entrepreneurship and employment in regenerative activities; social ties/strong relationships; individual and collective well-being; inclusion of the youngest and the oldest; reversal of depopulation
    • Ecological capital: Increase in native forest area, good soils, water, air quality, biodiversity (reverse desertification and soil degradation)
    • Built capital: regenerative culture; regenerative activities; systems in harmony with Life and the regeneration of planet Earth; local power supply; resilient local community; production of your energy
    • Financial capital: ability to sustain activity and well-being/well-being locally/bio-regionally

    Where ?

    In each bioregion. “A bioregion is an ecologically and geographically defined area that is smaller than a biogeographical realm, but larger than an ecoregion or an ecosystem, in the World Wide Fund for Nature classification scheme.”, Wikipedia


    In Portugal we follow 22 “Grupos de Unidades de Paisagem” from Direcção Geral do Território.

    Note: In Portugal 'bioregion' is also a region that produce organic agriculture. This is a different distinction.

    When ?

    In 2 moments:

    • First we want to experiment in 3 bioregions during 2022 to learn
    • After we want to go to all country from 2023
    The calendar is choose by the teams in each bioregion.


    We have the national team and the locals teams (one for each bioregion).

    National team

    Local Teams (for each bioregion)
    • First person say YES and invite the second person
    • The 2 invite the third person 
    • The 3 invite the fourth person
    • ... 
    • Until we have ate least 12

    How ?

    Experimenting with Activation Program (during 2022)

    • 3 bioregions
      • At 08.Apr we have 1 bioregion in activation
        • Estremadura Oeste (envolving Sintra, Mafra, Arruda dos Vinhos, Torres Vedras, Alcobaça)
          • Gil Penha-Lopes, Enxara (Mafra)
          • Rui Vasques, Live with Earth (Torres Vedras)
    • Raising funding for 3* 19.600 Eur
      • At 08.Apr we raised 5850 Eur of 53.800 Eur - contribution of 7 persons/ investors
    • For each bioregion
      • Constitute a team of 12+ that participate in the program and help to organize
      • The events are in the bioregion to nurture the ecology and local economy
      • Funding of 450 / participant (5400 Eur)
      • Help raising the 19.600 Eur
    • Are you activated for being part as...
      • ...participant in the program ?
      • ...activating a bioregions ?
      • ...investing/donate for us to experiment the 'activation program' ?
      • Please Contact Us

    >> Calling for funding: PT | EN  

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    Please send contact us if you have any question, want to collaborate, give a donation for the activation program or want to receive our newsletter.